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EL DUENDE PROCESS PAINTING (EDPP) is imagery-led creating with a focus on flow rather than product. The essential component is the continuous assemblage painting on one canvas within which the artist layers spontaneous imagery. 


This is an innovative art-based model that I developed. I use it in supervision, clinical work, and for personal growth.


The method is outlined in my 2012 article, Inspired by El Duende: One-Canvas Process Painting in Art Therapy Supervision. For evaluative current research, see Miller and Robb (2017), Transformative Phases in El Duende Process Painting Art-Based Supervision; Robb and Miller (2017) Supervisee Art-Based Disclosure in El Duende Process Painting.

el duende 

process painting

Soror Mystica

birthed from the images of El Duende Process Painting

soror mystica

Soror Mystica


is your Mystical Sister Within.

She is your guide to the divine

well of creativity and imaginal wisdom that has always been deep within you.

Using these cards can help YOU discover your own healing

powers and creative ways of knowing. Enter her gallery and

you will discover new ways of seeing life’s deep questions

reflected in and through the beauty of imagery.


mystical guidance to life’s deep questions. Allow Soror Mystica to show you the vast potential of your inner realms of creativity, beauty, imagination and knowing, bringing you soulful, intuitive, and healing gifts, exactly as you need them.

“Only mystery allows us to live…only mystery.” – Federico Garcia Lorca

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