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Abbe Miller, MS, ATR-BC, LPC offers clinical supervision to licensure eligible art therapists; licensed professional counselors, and other clinicians in the mental health field. 

She has been supervising both individually and in small groups for over 20 years. Supervision is an opportunity to explore ethical challenges that arise within the therapist-patient dynamic. These ethical challenges can also be learning opportunities, made visible via engagement in the depth oriented experience of El Duende Process Painting (EDPP) supervision seminar (Miller; 2012).









EDPP ART-BASED SUPERVISION: In applying this concept to supervision, the vehicle for learning becomes the supervisee's relationship to a single canvas over time. By working on the same art piece over multiple sessions, the sequential layering of art materials enables ongoing self-reflexivity through aesthetic attunement and clinical intuition. The process offers direct experience with complex reflective processing, aesthetically focused attention, and opportunities to explore multiple relationships, often activating deep layers of professional and personal identity material (Miller, 2013). The structure of the supervision is comprised of three main activities: (a) spontaneous painting, (b) complex reflective processing, and (c) aesthetically focused attention to imagery appearing in the painting that parallels the internship/clinical experience. Engagement from active imagination, feedback loops, and supervisor input informs critical reflection and learning.  

Supervision can be

long-term or in a


model (1-2 sessions).

Please contact Abbe if you are interested in clinical supervision. 

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To register: Contact Abbe Miller    (203) 530-9526

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